Greyhounds-Only Class 

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The first week, we will meet for 60 minutes (this shorter time for their first visit is less stressful for the dogs), weeks 2-6 will run 90 minutes. This will allow more time for group discussion and floor time!

Trainers Academy is proud to present this greyhound-focused training class developed through our years of interaction with several of Metro-Detroit's greyhound adoption groups. Greyhounds-Only was developed to help newly retired racers transition from racer to household pet.

This class was designed for greyhounds that have had no formal training.

The background of a racing greyhound is so different than a puppy raised as a pet. We have often heard people underestimate the skill of a retired racer. So we created a class that helps explain why greyhounds may seem more difficult to train than the next door neighbor’s lab seems to do with ease. We will also help you jump the learning hurdles, and teach you how to make learning fun for your dog.

We will even address the dreaded greyhound sit!

In class we also strive to help you communicate more effectively with your dog, which will2 only help deepen your bond for the rest of your life!

This class will teach you how to clicker train your greyhound. Some of the behaviors we will work on includes:

  • Name recognition

  • Touch on command

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Watch

  • Coming when called

  • Leave it

  • Back up

  • Place

  • Off

  • Stay

We will also have behavioral discussions and talk about ways to build confidence.

Keeping your dog successful as you teach new behavior is very important. We will make sure that both you and your dog really enjoy the learning process by coaching each dog-handler team at their own pace.

We only run this class a few times per year.  Please contact us at 248-588-3222 for additional information and to get on the list for the next class.  


"We really enjoyed the classes. You made us feel welcome and never made us feel like we weren’t capable of training US ( the owners) and also our pups. You also gave us very significant guidance in training this special and precious breed.  And you ALWAYS helped us with any questions or concerns!!"
~Debbie Collins with Flynn

"Even after the first class we knew this class would be worth the money. We found the approach to be easy to follow, easy to practice and for Oreo, the training was easy to grasp. The evidence was obvious immediately. And now our dog can sit!"

~Danielle and Travis with Oreo

"This class was wonderful, as our Trixie is always ready for an adventure and it held her interest, and it trained us on how to train her in a positive and happy way!"

~Jacqueline Saarm with Trixie

"The Greyhounds Only class at Trainers Academy was excellent!  We learned so much and felt so much more confident in our ability to manage and train our dog.  We got exactly what we were hoping to out of the class, and then some.  We would recommend this class to any new greyhound owner! Devene was awesome and clearly knows her stuff!"

~ Lauren Gasparotto & Bex

Greyhound-Only Grads

"I've been extremely pleased with the whole experience. It was fun and very helpful. This was money well spent and I have a happier new greyhound family member. I think having a class of greyhounds only is a fabulous way to begin. My older grey, Mazie, age 11, has learned much of what I've practiced with Mac, and has gained loads of treats just for standing around and being pretty when I click for Mac. She is also a happier pup! I have much more confidence in working with my dogs now. I still need to practice and get better with timing for clicking and treating and shaping behaviors that I want, and would like more examples and demos and practice with what is possible. Intellectually understanding how to shape behavior with rewards (I teach it my psych classes!) is one thing, but getting the coordination and actually doing it is an exciting new adventure. Thanks again for your excellent program!"

~ Ilenya Marrin & Mac

Greyhound Only Grads

"You may remember Lightning from your greyhounds only class. You may also remember that all her parents wanted her to do was to sit. It took quite a few treats, but I thought you might like to see that she's got it. We did a couple of takes for this movie so she was ready for the command (you may remember how food orientated she is). Thanks for the tools we needed to teach her. Now if we could just get her to not jump...silly greyhound."
See the video here.
~ Adrienne Pety & Lightning

"It was an extremely positive experience. Having a trainer that is knowledgeable about GHs is priceless. Sighthounds think differently than than other dogs. And retired racing Greys, even more so. Many training techniques that normally work with shy or fearful dogs would shut down a retired racer. Devene knows dogs and could read the signs the dog was giving. She immediately readjusted the technique that was being used if the dog did not respond positively. Watching her was a learning experience in itself."

~ Julie Spayde & Roo

Greyhound-Only Grads

"Our Greyhound Cleo, is a different dog since we started the 6 week class.  She is more confident, is showing  more affection and Oh my, she can sit on command, I never thought I would see  the day. "

~ Juli Jeffery & Cleo

Greyhound-Only Grads
"The Greyhound class was not only helpful but it also helped me become more aware of the Greyhound’s disposition and what I can expect from my dog.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  Cavalli also had a good time.  She always came home spent…so I know she learned a great deal."

~ Janet Dalley & Cavalli

Greyhound Only Grads

"I don’t think words can ever express how grateful I am that Trainer’s Academy, and especially Devene, came into my life.  My story is lengthy, but very worth reading. 

Last December I became a member of GEM (Greythounds of Eastern Michigan) and made my home available as a foster home.  Little did I know how much my life was about to change.  I was asked to take a greyhound for a week because his foster family was taking a vacation.  I then found out, that because of his behavior, his foster family had no intentions of taking him back after vacation.  Not a big deal?  Maybe not for your typical foster, but Hardie wasn’t typical, nor was the life he’d had thus far.  Hardie wasn’t quite 2 when he first came to GEM.  He was placed within 3 months of his arrival and 2 weeks later a brindle female was placed in that same home.  He stayed in that home about 4 ½ years with the last 18 months being miserable for him.  He and the brindle female, for reasons we’ll probably never know, were banished to a garage with no real human intervention.  Those 18 months changed Hardie, and not in a good way.  He came back to GEM January 26, 2006 and stayed in a few different foster homes and then was finally placed in my home as a foster January 5, 2008.  That next day I took him to a Meet & Greet just to see how he acted around other greyhounds.  I needed to see for myself if he was really as bad as I had been told he was.  Well, words can’t describe the fear in his eyes and the defensive behavior he had if another greyhound just made eye contact with him.  All I can say is “thank God for muzzles” or there would have been bloodshed.  I immediately wanted to get this boy help.  I began calling everywhere ... and I do mean EVERYWHERE.  I had trainers tell me that Hardie couldn’t be helped without even evaluating him.  Well that wasn’t good enough for me.  I’ve worked with other dogs that had issues and I knew in my heart that I could help Hardie with the right trainer.  Trainer’s Academy was the first training facility that was recommended to me.  When Lisa returned my call and I told her Hardie’s story, she recommended that he attend Devene’s “Greyhounds - ONLY” class.  There was one beginning in 2 weeks and there was 1 opening left, so I took it.  That first class Hardie had to be pulled through the door.  Just the sight of other greyhounds made him shake uncontrollably.  We went through 2 of Devene’s 6 week courses with Hardie.  Devene and her “Greyhounds – ONLY” class has changed his life.  He has learned to make right choices.  Now when he’s uncomfortable in a situation, he leaves it instead of lashing out.  Last night I started my volunteer work with Trainer’s Academy.  Two other GEM’s were going to be in the class so we decided to car pool.  Everyone was to meet at my house.  When Helen arrived with her greyhound Dollar, we decided to see how Hardie would react to Dollar through the fence.  He was excited to see Dollar, even did a half hearted play bow, jumped in the air, barked, tail wagging, as if to say “come play with me”.  That is a total “about face” from where he was 4 ½ months ago. 


May 10, I decided I didn’t want Hardie to ever leave my home and I signed the papers to adopt him.  Because of Trainer’s Academy and Devene, Hardie has gone from being a scared, defensive greyhound, into a loving, happy, and sociable greyhound.  Thank you Devene for saving this sweet boy!! "


Sarah Williams
Hardie (Thanks Devene for believing in me - slurp, slurp!!)

Greyhound-Only Grads
"I wanted to tell you about something that happened recently. I had all four of my dogs out for a walk the other day -- something I rarely do because I didn't actually believe I could control four dogs if, say a rabbit darted across our path, but it was a nice day and they all really wanted to go at once, so I gave in. 

Anyway as we were walking, there were a bunch of kids going by on bikes and skateboards so I put all four of them into a sit and then a down and told them to stay and I was so proud of them. They all stayed put the entire time, even though one of the kids stopped and said, "can I pet your dogs?" Simon was the first one to try to get up and I gave him the "uh-uh" (a no-reward mark) right away and he went right back down. I was just really proud of all of them. (Clue is the best :- ) They were kind of far from home with a lot of distraction and it was the whole pack, but they were all perfect! I was actually kind of surprised myself, I have to admit, but we have been practicing our obedience commands on walks, in pet stores, at meet & greets & all kinds of crazy places, sometimes with treats and sometimes without treats, just to stay in practice and I guess it has really paid off!

That's a long, long way from ol' Clue who couldn't pay attention for 2 seconds in class, huh? So there's a little story you can share in your next class about Clue the Class Clown. He sends you kisses.

Have a great day! "

~ Allison Carey & Clue

Greyhound-Only Grads

This article was e-mailed to Michigan ReGAP (Retired Greyhounds as Pets) adopters and was written by ReGAP member and freelance writer, Ken Martin ( Since sighthounds (such as greyhounds) are bred and trained to hunt by sight, getting them to focus can be a challenge. But the Hiners were up to the challenge, and as you can see, it paid off:

REGAP member Ruth Hiner, owner of Freckles and Connie, has nothing but praise for "Greyhounds Only: A Class For Retired Racers," an obedience class offered by Devene Godau, CPDT-KA of Trainers Academy, LLC. A recent afternoon romp at the local dog park almost turned into a lost greyhound search, were it not for training learned in the class. Ruth and the hounds were inside the fenced-in park when another dog owner accidentally left the double gates ajar upon exiting.

"The next thing you know, I saw Freckles outside of the park, building up a head of steam to chase after the dog that just left," Ruth said. "I yelled for Freckles to come, and he ran back into the dog park. Then I told him and Connie to stay as I ran into the gate system to close both of the gates."

Ruth's quick thinking and stay-calm attitude, combined with the skills taught to both dog and handler at Trainers Academy, saved the day. "If it wasn't for the recall and stay exercises in the obedience class, I would have lost my boy," Ruth said with a shudder. "If this isn't a good enough reason to recommend Devene's class, I don't know what is.

Frequently asked questions

I can't attend the class I've signed up for, can I get a refund?

While we're happy to transfer you to our next available class, we do not offer refunds.

What happens if I miss a class?

Our specilaty classes do not allow for make ups. You will receive your weekly training guide per usual, so you can stay current. Our trainers are more than happy to help should you have any questions on anything you missed.